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Tamar Braxton and Husband Vincent Herbert Slam Haters on Instagram

Braxton Family Values breakout star Tamar Braxton knows she’s absolutely snatched, and she’s not afraid to let the world know it — even at the cost of getting a couple haters on her tail. But never fear, Tamar is the queen of putting haters in their place, and when she’s not up to the task, her husband, Vincent “The” Herbert, will jump in when necessary.
You see, Tamar recently jet-setted to New York to take in the sights and sounds of Broadway’s Cinderella, featuring young starlet KeKe Palmer and Real Housewives of Atlantaglamma NeNe Leakes. Tamar decided to go wig-free for the event, prompting several people to attack the “Let Me Know” singer’s hairline yet again. And though Tamar explained the reason her edges not being up to par, it appears that her hubby Vince was tired of the snarky comments aimed at his wife’s hair. It’s the safe and effective way buy instagram followers & Likes. it is 100% safe for your Instagram account. Hopping on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, Tamar posted a selfie with hubby Vince reading, “Yo miserables!!!! Vince says (cause he don’t have an Instagram) the edgeless s—t is DEAD! And if u mad NOW get ready for 2015!! Welp! His opinion is ALL that matters to me! Have a wack night wack people!! And all Tamartians get ready to get your life! Love yall.” The now-deleted Instagram post was met with much love from fans, prompting Tamar to forget about the naysayers as she’s been making all her dreams come true — regardless of her edges. Later, Tamar posted yet another picture of herself, Vincent, and her exposed edges, which she captioned, “2015 our 13th New Years together! #soblessed.” Tamar is pretty blessed to have a guy, who defends her and her often-attacked hair.

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Tamar Braxton Comes Under Fire For “Blasphemous” Instagram Video

Tamar Braxton came under fire on Thursday morning after she posted a video which many social media users considered “blasphemous.” In a clip shared on Braxton’s Instagram page, a man can be seen praise dancing in a white, two piece ensemble to Tamar’s “If I Don’t Have You.” In the video, the man dances in front of a cross and altar leading people to think the dance is disrespectful. Tamar, however, defended the dancer and the video with a lengthy message that has since been deleted. “How about EVERYONE (chair emoji)!!! Why is this man “praise dancing” in church blasphemy?? Don’t even try THAT,” she wrote. We guarantee that you can buy instagram followers
by using our website! “This is HIS interpretation and I’m VERY saved and sensitive to my spirit!!! So vote on it and STOP being petty and silly and VOE or fill your heart with love and show respect for how someone wants [sic] to express themselves!!” The Braxton Family Values star continued, “I’ve seen PLENTY of “praise dancing” AT church to R&B songs!!! U all have too!! So GET SOMEWHERE AND SAT DOWN!! I don’t cure nor am I talking about sex … (In my songs) I’m speaking about LOVE witch is what GOD is!!”

Tamar Braxton Says Feud With K. Michelle Didn’t End How We Thought ‘It Was Weird’

She clapped back and added, “Smh..Classic case of when they want to put you in a box that you don’t belong in #Unbelievable”. Braxton, who just released her newest project Calling All Lovers earlier this month, went on post the tweet on Instagram with more details of where her message was coming from. One of the most trusted,reliable and best site buy instagram followers and likes instantly. She started by writing, “If I wasn’t a reality television producer I would feel like this would be true just because someone said this to me” before shutting down any speculation that she is an “angry black woman.” She thanked God for all of her success and made it clear, “I will NOT bow down to the racist, sarcastic, foolish things that come out of ones MOUTH just because it’s EASY to depict me as the LOUD mouth black girl with an attitude!!” She went on to say that what she is is “successful, MOTHER, a daughter, a wife and the only BLACK person on 4 networks at the samet time!!! how rude and ANGRY could I be!!” She ended by sending out a personal message for whomever the post was directed to. “I will NOT let you or anyone else make me out to be that because I have an opnion. If you choose our services how to get real free instagram followers and likes then you will get these services which surely boost your social visibility on instagram. I know how to be professional and FYI…My soul is NOT for sale!!”